Fanless & Silent PC with Attitude

The DB4 fanless PC chassis offers a new level in Silent PC. Stunning design, enhanced cooling capabilities, unparalleled quality.

No fans. No dust. No noise.

The symetrical cube design offers multiple cooling faces for increased cooling performance with a modern edge and attitude.

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For gaming. For media. For performance.

Fanless & Silent Media PC

Power and style without the noise.

Silent PC for Media - Productivity - Storage - Home Theater
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Smart designs for stunning environments.

Fanless & Silent PC for media center - FX8


Fanless cooling system for 100% silent operation.

Fanless & Silent PC for media center - FX9


Intel 6th Gen Skylake core, HDMI video, 7.1 channel audio.

Fanless & Silent PC for media center - FX10


Tune and scale to create your perfect system.

Fanless & Silent PC for media center - FX5

Cutting Edge Quiet PC

Performance for any envionment

Real performance - real style - a real solution

Mini PC

Small form, high impact, perfect style.

Ultra quiet gaming pc - FX12


Unleash incredible performance with professional style..

Ultra Quiet Desktop PC -  FX7

Media PC

Scalable and stylish PC perfect for Media Center and power desktop.

Ultra Quiet Mini PC - FX1



Mini PC with Intel 6th Gen NUC

Powerful & compact mini-PC solutions.

Home - Office - HTPC - Desktop - Media Center

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Go silent!

With a fanless Intel NUC PC

Intel NUC performance in an awesome fanless chassis.

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Fanless Cases for Silent PC

A fanless chassis is the ideal building block for a perfect silent PC. Check out our range of premium cases selected from global leaders in silent computing technology

No fans. No dust. No noise.

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