Welcome to Life FX Digital

Life FX Digital is a Sydney based team of highly dedicated and tech savvy specialists who share a passion for media center technology. Our objective is to offer our clients fresh ideas, premium components and technical expertise to design, build and enjoy truly awesome media centric platforms.

We are Specialists

We dedicate our energy to become experts and advocates in the technology we offer to our customers. Keeping our product range niche and selective makes us very successful at this. We believe immensely in all the products we sell so that our customer can be equally confident in our services to them.

Customer Focussed

Strong relationship and reliable communication are key values at the heart of our business and are key drivers for success. We believe strongly in good communication and welcome feedback and suggestions of all types any time. We invite you to get in touch.

Life FX Digital Solutions.

Key Products & Services

Silent PC

We specialize in creating silent PC systems and offer a wealth of experience and expertise in PC trends and technology.

Streacom Support

Through our partnership with Streacom we are able to bring Streacom to Australia. We are a dedicated supplier and specialist in all Streacom equipment..

Wireless Networks

We believe in a world of high speed wire free digital environments. We specialise in wireless technology, components and wireless networks with 20+ years in the network industry.

Media Center & HTPC Solutions

We are dedicated to creating amazing media rich environments. Unleash your audio and visual experience through media center technology.