Streacom FC8 Alpha Fanless Case

Streacom FC8 Alpha Fanless Case

Cool. Clever. Compact

The Streacom FC8 Alpha fanless case is a silent media center platform that packs a punch. An awesome revision of the previous Streacom FC8 Evo with additional features, support and increased compatibility

The FC8 - Fanless & Silent

The Streacom FC8 Alpha applies direct touch passive cooling where heat is directed away from the processor via heat dispersing thermal pipes.

Acting as a heat sink the FC8 chassis absorbs the heat from the heatpipes and disperses through the chassis

  • The FC8 has no internal moving parts or fan based internal airflow.
  • Dirt, dust and other airborne particles are not attracted in to the system.
  • No fans means no noise. Deploy the FC8 Alpha to achieve a completely silent system.

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Solid Aluminium - Sandblast Finish

Like it's fanless siblings in the Alpha range, the FC8 Alpha is crafted from 100% aluminium . It is engineered to an exceptional quality.

Comparing with it's predecessor, the Alpha top panel is now a single piece extrusion making it virtually unbreakable,

  • High quality anodizing process provides exceptional surface treatment
  • Highly dust & mark resistance
  • Fewer visible screws than the previous Streacom FC8 Evo chassis
  • Aesthetically refined sides and surfaces for an ultra modern finish
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    FC8 Optical is Optional

    Now you can choose your FC8 Alpha in optical and optical-less models .

    Removing the optical drive tray also increases the FC8 Alpha storage capacity.

    Online Store - Streacom FC8 Evo Fanless Chassis

    Awesome Storage Capacity

    The FC8 fanless case is the king of space utilization and the FC8 Alpha revision has remodeled the drive tray to push the boundaries further.

    • Optical Version - max 4x 2.5" drives + optical drive
    • Optical-less - max 5x 2.5" drives

    Full FC8 Alpha Specifications

    And Expansion

    Despite the form factor the FC8 Alpha continues to deliver on performance and features with a number of expansion options.

    • A single low profile expansion slot
    • Two front facing USB 3.0 Ports

    Full FC8 Alpha Specifications

    Motherboard Support

    The Streacom FC8 Alpha also supports motherboards where the CPU socket is located towards the right side of the motherboard

    in this situation, where the CPU is located close to the heatsink sidepanel, the Streacom MH1 short heat pipes are required (sold separately).

    For a full list of compatible motherboards and cooling requirements see compatible components and motherboards

    If you have a question about compatibility, get in touch here.

    Streacom FC8 Alpha Build Guide

    We welcome you to Contact Us Directly at any time for any build related questions. We specialize in Streacom components and offer you fast and friendly advice.

    An overview of compatible components and motherboards can also be found below.

    Streacom provide an excellent guide for building systems using the FC8 Alpha fanless case. The guide offers advice on everything from compatible components, planning power consumption, and physical construction.

    Streacom FC8 Alpha System Build Guide (external link)

    Available Across Australia and NZ

    We offer our range of products including the Streacom FC8 fanless HTPC case throughout Australia and New Zealand. Check our delivery page for information on costs and delivery times.

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    Chassis Material Sandblast aluminum
    Colour Black/Silver
    Hard Drive Bays Optical Bay + (1x 2.5″ + 2x 3.5″ or 4x 2.5″ or 2x 2.5″ + 1x 3.5″)*
    Expansion Slot 1x Low profile
    Cooling System Passive/Direct Touch via 4x heatpipes
    CPU TDP (Thermal Design Power) Recommended TDP 65W, Max TDP 95W**
    Dimensions 240 x 250 x 100mm (W x D x H)
    Net Weight 2.5kg
    Power Supply Streacom Nano 150 PSU
    Optical Drive 1x Slim slot loading drive with universal eject button
    Motherboard Support Mini ITX
    Internal Dimensions 196 x 242 x 88mm (W x D x H)
    Compatible Motherboards
    Vendor Form Factor Model Info
    Gigabyte mini-ITX GA-H97N-WIFI LGA1150 Requires Streacom MH1 Short Heat Pipes
    ASRock mini-ITX H97 itx/ac LGA1150 Requires Streacom MH1 Short Heat Pipes
    Gigabyte mini-ITX GA-F2A88XN-WIFI